How SAMINA supports a healthy back

back pain

a specialised solution

The SAMINA system is designed to 'actively' support the spine during sleep

How natural materials can improve your sleep

natural materials

for a healthy sleep

The natural materials used by SAMINA have a positive impact on recuperation and sleep quality

How SAMINA can positively impact your health


the greates source of health and vitality

Our bed and sleep environment directly influence how well we sleep and our subsequent health.

What health care professionals have to say about SAMINA


by physicians and therapists accross Europe

More than a bed, the SAMINA sleep system is a specialised solution for people with back pain and other pain that can interfere with sleep.

How the SAMINA sleeping system works


a complete solution for healthy sleep

Cleverly designed and constructed the SAMINA sleep system provides everything you need for healthy sleep; support and comfort in an environment that is hygienic, warm and dry.

For the last 20 years SAMINA has been dedicated to helping people achieve better sleep and live fuller, more active and healthier lives. Made in Austria, the orthopaedically designed sleeping system is crafted by hand using only natural materials to provide you with everything you need for a deep, restful sleep.

An innovative approach to sleephomeItemFade

An innovative approach to sleep

SAMINA’s holistic luxury sleeping system has been proven to promote better quality of sleep, better health and more energy for life.

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A solution for back painhomeItemFade

A solution for back pain

Sleeping on a certified organic mattress that is too soft or too hard can lead directly to back pain. The luxury bed and the luxury organic mattress of SAMINA are designed to ‘actively’ support the spine during sleep.

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Natural materials for healthy sleephomeItemFade

Natural materials for healthy sleep

The natural materials used by SAMINA have a positive impact on recuperation and sleep quality. Much care is taken in sourcing only the highest quality raw materials.

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What customers have to sayhomeItemFade

What customers have to say

The SAMINA sleeping system has been designed to satisfy the needs of the human body during sleep. Find out what many well-rested SAMINA sleepers have to say about the SAMINA sleeping system.

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Protection from harmful EMFshomeItemFade

Protection from harmful EMFs

The addition of Lokosana® to your SAMINA sleeping system will convert your certified organic bed into a place of true recuperation, free from disturbances created by electromagnetic radiation.

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Dedicated to healthy sleephomeItemFade

Dedicated to healthy sleep

Over the last 20 years SAMINA have pursued the vision to create products that improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

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